Saturday, November 28, 2015

Ohio State showed up to play football

So the fabled rivalry continues to snooze, since Michigan, no matter what OSU is going through, seems completely unable to beat the Buckeyes.  Last week, it's impossible to know what happened.  One of the worst performances I've ever witnessed.  One of the best, most explosive runners being told to stand aside so we could run the same ineffective play over and over again.  Some say Meyer was thrown off by the rain.  Perhaps.  I don't know. But if Ohio State would have played all season the way they played in their decimation of Michigan today, there would be no questions.  Ohio State would have the Big 10 Championship all but wrapped up, and a clear place in the playoffs.  As it is, we'll have a bowl game.  Who knows, maybe a decent one.  But once again, OSU dominated and trounced the Team Up North, and once more Michigan will put out another class that knows not what it is to win against the Buckeyes.

An oft repeated image in the rivalry nowadays
Now it's time to put on the white and cheer on the Nittany Lions.  Go Penn State!

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