Friday, November 20, 2015

In which we see only evil racist conservatives hate Syrians

According to the always reliable CAEI, things are awesome, we have nothing to fear, and only racist conservatives (but I repeat myself) who hate darkies and are scared of five year olds disagree.  But then, there's this.  By Walter Mead, not exactly your typical hard right wing radical.  It's almost like there is bad on both sides of the debate and we'd be better off to pause and look things over to make sure everyone is taken care of.  


  1. Yeah, the attempt to invoke the modern Red Scare racism version falls flat when you hear liberal Europeans saying there's more to it than Obama's simple 'I've got it under control or you're a racist.' That Mark has gone that direction is no surprise. He continues to insist he's just a humble conservative who just happens to despise everything to do with conservatism and all it holds or has ever held while increasingly associating liberalism with the only acceptable way in which one can live out the Catholic Faith. So go figure.

  2. Is ANYONE still fooled by his routine? When i glance at a thread, even his furthest leftist fans seem to agree that he's mostly on their side, not even close to a conservative.

    For someone so obsessed with "truth" he needs to stop lying to himself.

  3. And yet Nate, he still writes that he considers himself a conservative. How, I don't know. But he writes it.


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