Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The media has convicted George Zimmerman

I said a while back I wasn't going to comment on the case.  I'm not in the courtroom.  I'm not a lawyer.  I'm not legal expert.  I can tell, however, that the media has convicted George Zimmerman, and did so from the beginning.  Tom Robinson had a fairer trial than Zimmerman has received from the American News Media.  And in typical propaganda fashion, the media has been doing what it can to convict him.  From the horribly unethical editing of the call Zimmerman made to make it sound as if he was a racist, to the selective pictures used for weeks on end when it was obvious other, more recent pictures were available, the media has been doing what it can to lynch forward.

Now that the jury will be getting the case, it will be interesting to watch.  Again, I'm no expert, but when the prosecution's star professional witness could only deflect the cross examination by insisting he never even heard of the autopsy, that can't be good.  When the much heralded 'star witness' of the prosecution contradicts herself more than John Lovitz, and ends up testifying that the only racist slur used was used by Trayvon Martin, that can't be good.  When the prosecution ends up the saying that the defense's account might be correct, but there could be ways to see it as he's still guilty, that can't be good.  By all accounts, even begrudgingly admitted by some in the media, the prosecution's case sucked.

Now we wait.  What will happen?  Unless the media held back some big evidence shown, I can't help but imagine that there will be no murder conviction.  Manslaughter?  Maybe.  And I'm not saying the guy should walk.  I'm just saying that if Twelve Angry Men and To Kill A Mockingbird have any clout left in the post-modern age, unless I'm missing something big, Zimmerman doesn't get convicted of 2nd degree murder.

Nonetheless, media talking heads are buzzing tonight, trying desperately to find ways to insist the man should still be locked away for good.  We'll see.  But once more, unless there is some big piece of evidence we didn't hear about, unless there is some disastrous moment awaiting the closing arguments, unless there is something about the law I just don't know, if Zimmerman is convicted in the manner the media desires, then we may all owe the jury of Tom Robinson a great, big apology.

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  1. This whole case has been a sham. (rebellion university's coverage of it has been kind of darkly humorous)

    It's one of those where I think the old punishment of "exile" should be brought back. Because it seems pretty clear to be a case of self defense (making Zimmerman innocent), but our society won't abide that ruling. The only real option we have is to send him away from our society.

    Which condemns us far more than him if you ask me.


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