Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Happy belated birthday Little Bit

"Little Bit" is something that became a nickname for our youngest, and it's stuck.  Though I call him Little Brit, being a bit of a lifelong Anglophile.  It was a good day, a fun day.  Gone are the days when stacks and stacks of presents adorned our living room and, in someways, I'm glad.  Back in the day when my sister was well-to-do, and more relatives had more resources, our boys would be overwhelmed, sometimes growing bored with unwrapping birthday presents.  I had asked for subdued giving, but I think it was a race by different branches to show just who could give the most.  Now, thanks to our nation's recovery, there is far less money available to a growing segment of the nation, and when it comes to fewer presents, that suits me fine.  FWIW, I think it did our youngest just fine, too.  He seemed to enjoy himself, and appeared to love what he did receive.  So happy birthday #4!  May you have a blessed and joyful year and years to follow.

His oldest hero joins him in examining some of the loot

Almost in high school, looking pensive with an unintended soft glow

Have I mentioned he's usually like this?

There is no way in the universe this picture wouldn't be posted

In approaching the candles, he stalks like a leopard

He was victorious!

A gorgeous sunset ending his big day, courtesy of his brother's photo skills

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