Sunday, July 21, 2013

Could this be why modern block busters reek

So here, and here, and here, and here, and here are stories about Comic-con.  Really?  I admit I'm not big fantasy/comic/sci-fi fan.  Not that I don't enjoy a fantasy book or occasional alien romp here and  there, but usually it's not my neighborhood.  Partly because of those I knew in school way back when who were into those interests.  Interesting types them.  And sometimes a bit difficult to get on with.  And it wasn't just in the days of moonwalking and parachute pants.  Back in the heyday of Harry Potter, I noticed that my school age observations were not far off the mark, as Potter fans derided with almost hellish hatred those who failed to see the glories of St. Rowling the Holy Potter.  Catholics who were fans christened the work the most expansive unpacking of the Paschal mystery since the Apostle John, and derided as spiritually inept and intellectually stunted those who couldn't see the obvious.  I mean, you could have denied God or urinated on a crucifix and received less of a thrashing than suggesting Potter was anything less than inspired.

So the whole genre is just not something I've ever related to because I've never really taken the time to try.  Now I can't help but think when it's become a corporate phenomenon, and that group clearly guides the decisions and planning of studios interests, the products don't finally represent what most folks want in a movie.  So perhaps that's why many of these recent attempts at block busters, all of which seem geared more and more toward this particular demographic, have tanked.  First, fanboys are a zealous bunch, and will boycott and condemn if things aren't as they should be.  But also, a movie made with that particular demographic in mind, a demographic that seems to take pride in shunning most of the surrounding sea of humanity as somehow inferior for not being onboard, might also come up increasingly short in the mass appeal category.

Don't know. Just a thought.  I had a similar one once about the tendency of the Catholic blogosphere to be populated by self-proclaimed geeks and what it might mean.  I could be wrong.  But something in the back of my mind suggests I'm not too wrong if I am.

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