Thursday, June 14, 2012

Meanwhile on the Contraception front

Some disappointing news from those who have labored to deny the bleeding obvious.  Looks like artificially manipulating a woman's hormones with synthetically manufactured products could turn out to be a bane for her health in the long run.  Who'd of thunk it.  Don't look for anything to change.  First, as I just said, research and studies are the most important dispensable items in our society next to toilet paper.  Second, this is sex we're talking about, and the promise of unrestrained, consequence free sex is the one thing keeping the Progressive movement on its feet.  Lose the promise of free sex, and Progressives lose their right bower.  So while this may be talked about in a few back news rooms, expect it to go away and go away fast.  Certainly don't expect to go to the pharmacy and be told that because of a slight risk of some possible long term health problems, they've all been pulled from the shelves.

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