Saturday, June 2, 2012

Kate Donovan is shocked

Shocked!  That Rick Warren would make such a mean joke about women.  And it's all on The Friendly Atheist!   What's the punchline?  Well, read the Friendly Atheist, a post-modern atheist blog that regularly touts those who give the high middle finger to religion and religious people.  Let a high school student mock Christians, or let a comedian insult religion, and the Friendly Atheist is there with a high-five and a shout out.  Bill Maher?  He's the dude!  Yeah, that Bill Maher.  The one who has called Conservative women names I will not write.  But hey, that's the glory of post-modern ethics.  Add to that the already rocky platform upon which atheism can build an objective moral code, and you have 'there are no rules, there's only those I hate!'  I wouldn't be half so worried if this wasn't the general trend embraced by our media and pop culture vendors. 

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