Thursday, June 14, 2012

Could this be the end of gay marriage?

I wouldn't hold my breath.  As I've said before, much money is wasted on research and studies.  Not just because it's so easy to manipulate them, because some research is, naturally, quite legitimate.  And while the outcomes can be spun, or in the case of this little bombshell, completely ignored by our propaganda ministry, intelligent people can still use the results to help understand the world around us. 

But still, in the end, even if the results aren't spun and the research was valid, we can ultimately do what people have done for eons when confronted with inconvenient truths: ignore.  Or possibly suggest it's all part of the vast, [fill in your ideological enemy here] conspiracy.  So the fact that two separate studies have concluded that children may actually suffer somewhat by being exposed to a same-sex household will pass in the night quicker than a faint autumn breeze. 

Therefore don't hold your breath.  It won't be as if people will suddenly say, "Oh my, for the children!  We must pause now and make sure that this is for the best for the children before we continue on this path."  Ain't gonna happen.  That it's children is one big reason it won't matter.  In our age, the well being of kids vacillates between 'you're lucky you weren't aborted' to 'because we care about your weight or feelings, we are going to have to invoke our Big Politically Correct Brother for some more thought control (that coincidentally advances the Progressive Agenda)."  This would stand in the way of the great Progressive juggernaut, so I don't think ABC or CNN will be doing lengthy unpacking on this in order to bring about a sudden concern for the children where it might inconvenience the agendas of ABC, CNN or any other progressive institution.

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