Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Thomas McDonald has some wise things to say about the Kansas anti-Sharia law

In it, he walks us through the modern obsession with all things phobia, and reminds us Christians that using the weapons of the Enemy may not be the wisest course of action.  It is tempting, of course, to want to crush those who may wish to do us harm, to use absurd phrases back at those who have made a living using absurd phrases, and to attempt to beat them at their own game.  But we should remember one thing: we're right.  We have the Truth on our side.  That's capital T truth.  Not to be arrogant, or snotty, or condescending of other truth claims.  But let's face it, we believe we're right, so we should act as though we believe we are right.  And a great place to start is not seeing clearly the shallow and ridiculous tactics used against our Faith, and then turning around and using them when convenient.  Rather, it would be best to take the higher road, even if it means some lost battles along the way, for the war, as we know, was long ago won for us on a hill called Golgotha. 

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