Thursday, June 21, 2012

The sounds of silence

A few days ago, I posted on some studies that suggest gay marriage could be bad for children, and that birth control might cause health problems for women.  I wondered what media storm this would create.  Well, I've watched and waited.  And waited.  And waited.  And sure enough, I've not seen one story on television.  True, I can't watch all channels all the time.  But either story was mentioned at all, it was quick - zap! - and on with the NBC championship.  I have a hunch that most major news outlets merely ignored the story.  A couple Internet news sites jumped on them, invoking Reason #3 that such studies, in the end, are usually a colossal waste of time.  But on the whole, nothing to see.  It doesn't fit the narrative.  It's not the agitprop.  It's not what we Americans are supposed to see, so please move on.  Ignore that I brought it up.  I'm sure they were just flukes, or worse, the result of some vast, [fill in the blank] conspiracy.  Just move on.  Move on. 

P.S.  As hip, enlightened post-moderns, are we bothered that our sources of information are so obviously biased?  I mean, even if they're telling us what we want to hear.  If they do that now, and it happens to be what we want to hear, what will we do if it ever becomes what we don't want to hear, or know to be false?

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