Saturday, June 2, 2012

Because all they care about is money, that's why

And today, the winds have definitely shifted toward a progressive, secular viewpoint in our society.  Oh sure, numbers may suggest a split.  But our education systems, our media, our vendors of popular culture, all embrace the various assumptions of secular, post-Western liberal values and ideals.  Therefore, those who don't follow those viewpoints are increasingly shown the door, punished, mocked, ridiculed, ostracized, or in some other ways made to pay for their lack of vision.

While you have a fair amount of folks who may hold to some form of traditional values, but not all are going to stand up and make a stink of it.  Plus, the philosophy that gives you sex, drugs, narcissism, hedonism, open pornography, no-fault divorce, materialism, and basic self focus has its appeal, even to the most dyed-in-the-wool traditionalist.  So while the staunch conservative may rail against gay marriage, there's a least a chance he has a Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition on his nightstand; he may possibly have a copy of Hustler or Penthouse under his mattress for easy retrieval.

Thus there's not really much of a fight at this point.  Many who used to fight are giving up, throwing in the towel, preferring to focus on doing whatever it takes to protect free enterprise, especially if it clears the way to bottomless bank accounts and golden parachutes.  Others are starting to taste of the benefits of a world in which God may truly be dead, or at least in the closet.

Those few who do resist are in a dog fight with one another, some embracing a morally suspect form of 'I'd torture babies to save America' approach to tradition (tradition that never condoned torture, even if it sometimes happened), while others are pushing for a no rules, it's everyone for himself approach.  Even those trying to find some form of traditional Christian values often that split down the line of Catholic or Protestant, Mainline or Evangelical.  Even within those folds, various groups have divided and fought each other with more passion than was ever mustered against any other force or movement in recent memory.

So when we read that Target is aiding the Gay Cause, or that J.C. Penney has decided to go pro-Gay Dad, we shouldn't be surprised.  These stores only care about money.  That is all.  The profit.  The bottom line.  That's all that matters.  If the winds of change were pushing toward outlawing homosexuality, these stores wouldn't get near the issue except to support its ban.  But the winds aren't going in that direction. They are going the other way, and that's where the money is.  As Rod Dreher so bluntly put it, the war is over.  The non-Heterosexual normality movement won.  It's time to reexamine where we go from here.  And where we as traditional Christians go is certainly not relying on companies who worship at the altar of Mammon for our alliances.

Look for him to be on our money in the not too distant future.

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  1. You know. Right in our catechism it states we just treat homosexuals kindly and not discriminate against them. Supporting SSM then should be what we as catholics should do. It's not the same as saying SSM is morally right, but divorce is also not morally right and it is allowed by the state, along with pre-marital sex, contracetption,, eating fat bad for your health, indulging in gluttony, etc.


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