Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Where I'll be, blogging, and the near future

A 90th birthday and 70th wedding anniversary for my wife's grandparents will be our main focus over the next few days.  After that, spring break!  And without the fettering hindrance of a full time job, I will have plenty of extra time to hang out with my boys.  Things may change there soon, so I want to get what I can done in terms of fun and games.  I'll be blogging more once spring break is over.  Until then, it will be - as it has been for some weeks - a hit and miss.  In the meantime, enjoy this little tribute to our friend Bilbo Baggins (yes, that's Leonard Nimoy).  Perhaps it can help inspire Peter Jackson in his attempts to bring Tolkien to the big screen.  Perhaps it already has.  Take care, God bless, and TTFN.

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