Tuesday, March 22, 2011

When you live in a culture of narcissism

These are the questions that get asked.  For parents weaned on the ideals of narcissism and selfishness above all things, who have spent their lives watching quacks professionals and scholars on Oprah and cable TV insisting we owe it to our kids to focus on ourselves more than anyone in the whole world, then expect this to be a legitimate question that stumbles blindly in search of an answer.  Oh, and for a brief recap, lest you think that one might have suggested focusing on the kids more than one's self, no need to fear.  Why, at the bottom of the list, you have the most important thing of all!
  1. Give yourself a break—you don't need to be so hard on yourself.
  2. Just say no! What are your real priorities?
  3. Take time to write it down. Journaling will bring clarity to your life.
  4. Slow down and savor living in the moment.
  5. Plug into your kids so you can really connect with them.
  6. Don't forget about your husband—intimacy is life-affirming!
  7. Reach out beyond your family. It will enrich everyone.
  8. Make your physical and mental health a priority.
  9. Is more always better?  Simplify everything.
  10. Be a little selfish—you deserve it, and it will make you a better mother.
Because post-moderns need to be told to be selfish like a skunk needs to be told to stink. 

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