Friday, March 11, 2011

Speaking of our button down conformist society, Behar and Ecko style

So I caught a brief glimpse of Joy Behar's show the other night.  I know.  She is part of 'stupidity row' among the Left.  That is, those individuals who repeatedly say things so moronic that if Glenn Beck said anything half as dumb, the MSM would be on them like white on rice.  But being Leftists, folks like Behar, Bill Maher, Tavis Smiley, Keith Olbermann, and Ed Schultz are free to wax stupid all day an little is said about it.  That's why I usually move on when I see their group think faces on the tube. 

But I caught this part because the caption on the screen mentioned Corporal Punishment.  Oh no!  Not spanking!  Yeah, spanking in our schools.  Now personally, I don't spank my kids if at all possible.  I've probably spanked the lot of them a half dozen times in their entire lives.  So far, they seem fine.  No desire to hijack planes and fly them into skyscrapers, despite what all the lab coats say.  And having been spanked myself, I find the urge to grab assault rifles and open fire on crowded marketplaces oddly foreign to my way of thinking. On a side note, spanking is one of those issues that, to me, displays the utter ridiculousness of our obsession with research and studies. 

Anyhoo, so she has a fellow on there wanting to wage holy war against spanking in our schools.  This is because we can see our schools are much better off since they started to end spanking decades ago.  Goodness knows when I think of resounding success, I think of our school system over the last couple decades.  So I watch.  And listen.  And despite my wife's objections that this could lead to permanent brain freeze, I watch some more.  And lo and behold!  Who is this sage scholar who has devoted himself to the cause?  Why none other than 'leading fashion designer' Marc Ecko.  Yep, you read that right.

It was funny, but does demonstrate again how the silly notions of liberalism that were peddled by the Left have all but been abandoned.  Think there is no real absolute truth?  No absolute values?  No belief system that has a right to impose itself on others?  Well, you wouldn't have guessed it watching that show. 


  1. Sad sad society that has to look to it's fashion designers for direction. Hmm there is just something wrong with that statement.

  2. Count me as one who thinks that faith in researchers is unfounded. Not that we can't learn from study and research. But in so many areas, the possibility of abusing the craft is obvious.



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