Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Western Civilization: The first civilization to die from guilt induced suicide

Bernardo Cervellera, over at Catholic Online, bemoans Europe's lackadaisical response to the persecution of Christians.  He suggests the timidity is the result of falling contracts with failed dictators.  I believe it's much deeper, and not just because of some vague charge of secularism.  I believe it's because Europe is a post-Western society.  It has spent multiple generations focusing exclusively on the sins of their fathers.  They have developed a warped and twisted level of neurotic guilt that has convinced them that Europe, and by extension America, are the truly evil players of history.  All other cultures and civilizations were in all likelihood not that bad. Even if things like conquest, imperialism, genocide, mass slaughter occurred - it was no doubt with the best of intentions. 

This is unlike Europe and America, that are seen as inferior in every way.  Stupid, boorish, evil, racist, bigoted, intolerant, prudish, barbaric, smelly, uncouth, sexist, homophobic - you name it.  Nothing, not one thing, good came of that.  Anything that was good was almost a bizarre happenstance, a cosmic coincidence.  And nothing exemplified that more than the Christian faith.  Not a few Christians, those stragglers who are left, who live in Europe embrace that very notion.  So it should come as no shock at all that Europe sees the uptick in persecution and murder of Christians around the world and yawns.  What of it?  The source and summit of evil is getting its just deserts.  Besides, when other cultures do such things, it is defensible.  And in all likelihood, it's our fault in the first place, so it's what we have coming to us.

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