Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Prayer request

I received this request this morning. Please pray for Melissa and her family.

In case this is the first you have heard: Friday, Melissa stayed home because her earache hadn't healed with antibiotics. Over the weekend she went to the doctor. Yesterday Melissa was taken to the hospital with a clot in her brain that was bleeding. Below is the update we have received this morning: 
If you could please pass this to everyone.  Melissa situation is life threatening.  They are now classifying it a stroke.  One of her vein that drains the brain is clotted.  It was caused by the ear infection.  The doctor recommend that we move her to another hospital which I told them to do.  There are three things that could happen
1.       The drug treatment works
2.       The drug treatment causes worse problems which needs the cutting edge of this newer Hospital 
 I will try to keep you updated.
God and Father, we pray for Melissa, for her family and those who care for her, and for those doctors and nurses who will be treating her.  St. Luke, pray for her!

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