Thursday, March 3, 2011

I worry about how to help send my boys to college

And then I read things like this.  That's why, when people attempt to bolster Harry Potter's image by pointing out that universities have classes on the series, I tend to yawn.  Was a time when that might mean something.  Even twenty years ago, a college course on The Lord of the Rings, or a class that studied The Beatles alongside Mozart or Tchaikovsky, was a nod to their contributions to modern greatness.  But today, being studied alongside things like this, suggests there is little in our culture left worth celebrating.  It certainly confirms my growing suspicions that our institutions of higher education are becoming a joke that will only be laughed at years from now after it's too late for us to get it.


  1. Hmm, the representative of "Christians on Campus" must have forgotten the part about our body being the temple of the Holy Spirit. Something else to worry about- by the time your boys are in college, every campus will have dorms that accommodate any and all genders. -Rose from SJN

  2. That is shameful. To think that is where our educational institutions are going. You are right, it hardly means anything to have a particular subject discussed in our modern universities.


  3. It is getting scarry to look at where life is headed. It just makes me want to say STOP WORLD
    lets recollect our thoughts and think about what we are really doing here.


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