Friday, March 11, 2011

President Obama keeping his priorities straight

So yesterday the President addressed the latest issue by which our post-modern world yearns to control more of our lives.  Was it the crisis in the Middle East?  Our staggering economy?  The increased pressure by China on our military?  Continued unemployment?  No. Heck no.  He addressed bullying.

I know, I don't like bullying any more than anyone else.  The fact that we have kids committing suicide in growing numbers, however, probably speaks more for the vacant and rotted culture we have given them than anything to do directly with bullying.  Is it worse than it used to be?  Of course.  What in our culture isn't worse than it used to be?  That's what you get when you throw out the basic foundation for our notions of the dignity of life, the human person, and our role in God's creation, and replaced it with a debauched society that values narcissism lived out through decadent hedonism and greed above all other considerations.

Still, is it really something the President of the United States needs to weigh in on?  You're darn right.  After all, one of the oft repeated lines in the bullying debate is the line 'and making fun of others.'  And what, pray tell, do they intend to do about kids who want to voice their opinions about others?  Control the kids' speech?  Tell them what to think?  Make them devotees of the dogmas of Leftist conformity?  Yeah.  That's my guess. Hence the need for the big guns in this important grab for thought control disguised as concern for our children.  Which is why it truly is more important than all of those other temporary set-backs.  


  1. You're on a roll today! Another excellent point. I hadn't thought about it like that. But you are right. What do they mean when they say bullying? What do they plan to do about it? It's rather brilliant if you think about it. If you oppose anything they suggest, then they can turn it around on you and suggest you don't care about children.


  2. I'm always confused when our esteemed president mentions people making fun of his "funny" name. Wasn't his birth name "Barry," which is not funny? It's almost like he wanted to change it to something that stands out in the crowd...


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