Monday, March 28, 2011

The new world order via gay friendly schools

I read this article about gay friendly schools in England.  I know, England.  It isn't as if it will be around a hundred years from now anyway, so who should care.  But it illustrates something.  You need to read through it.  The basic point is that we can have gay friendly schools.  We simply teach the kids a new absolute values system.  We tear down the old moral order, and replace it with a new one. And we encourage them to absolutely reject any values that don't conform to our new absolute values.  Oh, and we have no problem if our students reject those who don't conform to our new absolute values systems.  Sure, the article doesn't say it that way.  But it might as well.

The whole thing where homosexuality has succeeded while other movements has failed - the willingness to simply and boldly say that there is a new absolute moral standard that demands conformity and obedience, and those who fail to conform to this deserve what they get - speaks to just what we are willing to sell our birthrights for: All in the name of sexual liberation, which of course is the sales pitch of the post-modern Left.  In all things sex, drugs, and bathroom humor absolute freedom and liberty sans consequences.  In everything else?  Oppression, censorship, government control.  And we are a generation just dumb enough to fall for it. 

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