Friday, March 11, 2011

If you think conservatives are stupid and evil

And liberals are brilliant and beautiful, you could be forgiven if you get your information from the MSM.  Pretty soon, I'm guessing that the MSM will just ditch all pretense and adopt the far more accurate moniker of Glorious Ministry of Propaganda for the Advancement of Secular Leftist Dogmas. Or something less wordy. 

For instance, we all know that the Tuscon shootings were the result of right wing zealotry and conservative rhetoric.  After all, most conservatives are sitting around on the edge of a psychotic meltdown, ready for the queen of diamonds to be shown, sending them into a spiral of destruction and murder.  Or that's how our Propaganda ministries in education, entertainment, and - for want of a better word - journalism portray us. 

Now, in their zeal to advocate post-Christian, post-Western Leftist and secular values, our distributors of right-think are occasionally obliged to sweep unfortunate news stories under the rug.  This is true when events happen that show the falsehood of what they are promoting.  Take this little tidbit about the Wisconsin demonstrations.  If this were the Tea Party?  It makes my head spin to think how it would be the prime focus of every MSM outlet in our nation.  As it is, I have yet to see any of them mention this at all.  Perhaps they have.  I can't read every paper and watch every newscast at once.  But in the days I"ve been following this, I have not heard even a peep about anything other than fair minded and caring people fighting desperately for the rights of the Middle Class.

FWIW, I'm not saying I agree with Governor Walker.  I just recognize propaganda as opposed to actual news when I see it.


  1. How lovely. Just waiting to see that coverage splashed all over the place.

  2. You are correct. How anyone could put full trust in our media today is beyond me. Kudos for the Manchurian Candidate reference!



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