Monday, March 7, 2011

Archbishop Dolan to President Obama

It's not just permissible to defend marriage between a man and a woman, but it's a necessity for the sake of justice.  I love little things like that.  While I was gone tending to important matters of family - matters that will still keep me occupied for the next several weeks - I noticed our illustrious leader basically decided to have his justice departments stop doing what the justice department is supposed to do - and that's enforce the law.  Neither he, nor the justice department, is in the business of solely determining what laws do or don't matter. Even if it's a lost cause, the law is the law.  And yet, for convenience sake, how many Americans even care?

Such a short sighted and ignorant dismissal of grave ramifications is about par for the course in our country today.  It's the very intellectual malaise that President Obama is able to exploit in order to keep attention off of everything else that's falling apart under his watch.  Twenty years ago, had a president - Democrat or Republican - done  the same thing, I couldn't imagine there not being an outrage.  But then, twenty years ago, I imagined that if a president committed perjury on the high court to derail an investigation of his potential abuse of power by way of sexual harassment, there would be a popular uprising as well.  Or a president who sent us to war, insisting that the evidence for war was clear, only to discover the evidence for war not in existence, would receive the proper revolt from the public. Who knows, maybe I should have seen this coming after all.

In any event, Archbishop Dolan sets the record straight, and demonstrates why - against all desires to the contrary - we can find comfort in the fact that, long after America has turned to dust, the Catholic Church will be alive and kicking.  

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