Friday, March 25, 2011

Target didn't get the memo

That homosexuality is the only thing in the universe that matters.  Despite attempts to cooperate with and support gay rights, Target has been found guilty of wrong-think, its efforts condemned as not-pro gay and anti-anti-gay enough.  Protesters are therefore demanding obedience and conformity by picketing and driving away costumers.  Target rather foolishly appeals to a sense of justice, that it has a right to carry on with business without worshipping at the altar of the gay lifestyle.  Gay rights groups, who hold a historically unprecedented level of disproportionate power and influence in our society are, of course, making with the David and Goliaths.  The irony is, they are now the Goliaths, who roam the lands demanding censorship, oppression, ostracising from the government, and conformity and obedience to the dogmas of non-heterosexuality at all costs. Priority One. All other priorities rescinded.  The proof:

"Target was seen as an ally of the gay and lesbian community before it gave money to MN Forward, which supported Tom Emmer, who lost the governor's race to Democrat Mark Dayton."
The thing about most ideological revolutions, they will accept nothing less than 100% conformity and obedience.  Target was seen as a friend of the LGBT community until it did one thing.  That's only 99% obedience.  And that dog simply will not hunt.

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