Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Catholic League on Billboard removal

They get it right.  This is censorship through intimidation clear and plain.  The thing about Political Correctness, which is more or less the censorship arm of the Left, is that it's vague.  No one can point to any one agency or organization and say 'they made us do it.'  Instead, there is this somewhat ambiguous, ethereal presence behind it all that makes folks know they had better keep certain things under wraps, or else.  So the company insists no one group made them take the billboard down.  They just did it because of all the violence that could happen?  Really?  Was there any indication that violence would happen?  And what does that say about those who oppose the billboard's factual message? 

Of course, this also points out the glaring hypocrisy of the pro-choice movement.  For a movement that insists it's all about choice, it bends over backwards to keep any information or factual data from entering into the debate.  If I want choice, I want informed choice.  Not coerced choice.  Which, I can't help but feel, is the type that is being advanced by the pro-abortion rights crowd, where only one choice seems to be preferred.

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