Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hugo Chavez makes it tough on Leftists

Hugo Chavez, a darling to many radical Leftists in our culture, has come out in support of Gadhafi.  This is tough.  After all, because he hated the putrid, rotten, stinking guts of George W. Bush, he became somewhat of a celebrity in his own right.  He is certainly beloved by such notables as Oliver Stone, Sean Penn, and Danny Glover.  Even our own press has tipped their hats.

During this rebellion, comparisons between him and Gadhafi have been made, with Chavez being given the better, even respectful, treatment by pundits.  But now, as various news organizations such as CNN and MSNBC, which have given a wink and a nod to Hugo, labor to portray the Libyan leader as a sadistic, insane mass murderer propped up by America's twisted and demented administrations, Chavez has thrown a wrench in the works.  How will they handle this?  How will they handle Chavez supporting Gadhafi? And more than that, he is warning America, under the Obama administration, of what it can and cannot do. How will they continue to give a free pass to Chavez, and yet show Gadhafi as a genocidal murderer?  It isn't easy using maniacal dictators to advance political and social agendas, since you just never know where they will turn.

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