Tuesday, March 1, 2011

No, the media doesn't get religion

In a piece from the Guardian.co.uk, filled with more flaws, falsehoods, and fallacies than a Glen Beck lecture, we are reminded that the Catholic Church is ever against science and learning.  I was going to go bit by bit over each point of error, the parts that rely on Hollywood imagery and defunct anti-Catholic polemics, and general ignorance of history.  But it would take far too long.  Basically, I would be commenting on almost every sentence.  And yet, this is exactly the view that so many in our society have of the Catholic Church.  Apparently because that's the view so many in the media have of the Catholic Church.  A Church the piece accuses of basically hating science, and yet despite all of the overwhelming evidence, can still only point to the broad and simplified case of Galileo to support its thesis.  If the Church was really so much against science, learning, and knowledge, can anyone tell me why all of the accusers turn to the same exact example every time the issue is raised?

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