Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Children visiting heaven in a cynical age

We are a cynical age.  We believe in nothing except what we choose to believe in.  We mock and snort derisively at those who believe in things we don't.  And we express shock and indignation at those who don't believe what we do believe.  Ah, that's enlightenment for you. 

Anyway, I stumbled on this little clip about a boy who has written a book in which he claims he visited heaven.  You can almost hear the beer blowing out of people's noses in laughter, particularly from our Brights who know there's no such thing as God or heaven.  Those are the ones who faint in awe at such stellar claims as those by Steven Hawking that the universe simply formed from absolute nothingness with the help of gravity - which keen observers quickly noted is not nothing. 

Now, I'm not saying I take his word for it.  The idea that his grandfather had wings in his vision suggests a certain level of informed interpretation of events.  I also know that when you are down, sick, and hurting you can envision things that can be explained in other ways.  Nonetheless, I don't know he is merely interpreting things.  And if he saw things he couldn't otherwise know, that's good enough for me to put it on the 'we can't explain it outside of the realm of faith and belief' shelf.  Being a believer in God, I am happy to say there are things we can't explain, that miracles happen, and that simply having a logical explanation - if there is one at all - doesn't mean the 'rational' theory presented is true.  It may be the kid went to heaven.  They are, after all, the ones who Jesus pointed to in order to illustrate how we must be to enter there ourselves. 

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