Monday, March 21, 2011

Posting and my blog

I know, I've been out for most of several weeks, and my first post in days is about basketball?  Yeah.  With all that's going on in the world?  Yeah.  That's because this blog has always been a format for me to toss ideas or interests about and throw them out there - mostly for me to go back and read at my leisure.  Well, I've not had much leisure here lately, and little time to read.  I've also learned that if you don't have an official 'type' of blog, it's tough building a regular audience.  Even now, I notice my precious store of Followers has decreased.  Alas.  For those who are still hanging on, I plan to look it over in the coming months.  I have no wish to be another 'Catholic Blog.'  Nothing wrong with them, but there are enough already.  And as I have noticed, they can lend themselves to certain abuses.  Nor am I qualified to have a media watchdog blog.  Perhaps something more focused on history.   Don't know.  I'll kick it around.  I won't have anything too tight that keeps me from focusing on the important things in life, like my family, my Alma Matter's basketball prowess, or the latest hobby that has caught my interest.  But I realize that to really build a consistent readership - and please understand I appreciate those who have kept coming back, because quality accounts for something - I need to find a 'niche' in the net, or will more or less keep wandering around with many ships sailing by in the night.  In the meantime, I invite everyone to keep coming back.  Invite a friend.  Assure them that more insights, opinions, and fun will be forthcoming.  And please, please feel free to become a Follower.  Make up for those lost sheep who have gone astray.  I'll be back when things have finally settled, one way or another.  As you do meander about, please feel free to enjoy what gives me my motivation and gladness at times like these - TTFN:

The boys in action

Oldest and Youngest on swing

Not sure, but something was funny

What a ham
Our enigmatic second son

Happy to be exploring the big, wide world

No, they're not supposed to climb that tree

Teen contemplates smart phone, or perhaps college?


  1. What a wonderful family you are blessed with, your sons are all so handsome!

  2. agreed I am still here and plan to be. Thanks for your insites

  3. Thank ye! I'll be back soon enough. Possibly to start linking up with a few things.

  4. You do have a handsome family. Though I would like to see some examples of these 'abuses' of Catholic blogs that you allude to.

  5. RobLog,

    I'm thinking specifically of the Lila Rose and Live Action debate that swept the Catholic blogosphere over the last few weeks. The issue was whether undercover sting operations were sinful or not. Dawn Eden led the charge, heralding this as leading to 'a culture of lies.' Now, it could have been different. It could have been like Catholics like to discuss when it's about things that impact them (like their own sins), but suddenly the gloves were off. Lila Rose was dragged through the mud. Corrie ten Boom was dragged through the mud, stereotypes that Catholicism strips away the heart and soul of the Gospel for a heartless, soulless legalism were confirmed, and a general mess made of the whole thing as our attentions were pulled from Planned Parenthood and what might have been happening, and focused on shooting one of our own squarely in the back. That was on my mind when I said that.

  6. You aren't a big fan of Dawn Eden, are you.


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