Friday, March 4, 2011

The day Gary Gygax died

I didn't have a blog when Gary Gygax died, which was three years ago today.  I don't know if I had a blog if this would have made it onto my radar screen.  But as I've been researching a few things for an upcoming post I've been working on, I've learned quite a bit about this fellow - but no doubt not enough. As many know, he was one of the creators - some would say the creator - of the game Dungeons and Dragons

Now as I said,  I've been working up a post on my thoughts about popular culture and the ability of mass media to shape opinions.  In studying a few things here and there, I've been looking at that particular phenomenon, which will feature predominantly in the post.  What amazes me is how much of our modern entertainment, particularly in the realm of computer and video games, owes its basic structure to that game hammered out all those years ago, in a world before personal computers, VCRs (let alone DVDs), cell phones, Internet, or video games.  Amazing how our country, despite its flaws, would allow someone with an undying love of games to create something so amazing that has touched on so many different parts of our lives, even if we would never be caught dead playing the game itself.  The more I read about the history of that hobby, the more impressed I am.  We'll get to that at some point.  But for now, I thought I would take a belated nod to the master of gaming himself, whose love of game play, combined with a country that still encouraged such out of the box thinking, brought so much enjoyment to so many - even if they never make the connection.  Well done Mr. Gygax.  Even if folks didn't play your product, how great and impact it had on our collective consciousness.  I'm sure you are missed.

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