Wednesday, June 23, 2021

That's one version of Catholicism

 One that is closer to my values as an agnostic than anything since I entered the Christian fold:

No other words required. Except that's not the Catholicism I lost almost everything to enter into communion with.  If it is what the Church says is the real Catholicism, then I will repent ever having put my family and children through the decade and more of hell it took to join something that ultimately offered nothing that remaining a secularist could have offered. 


  1. The USCCB is a bunch of wimps. They try to please everyone and end up pleasing nobody. Pope Francis says "make a mess," until someone questions his confusing statements, in which case they are "too rigid," in his eyes.

    1. That's what I've noticed. They seem to prefer the Left, but then run into obvious problems with that particular alliance, so come out every now and then and try to stand their ground - and the Left, being the Left, will have none of it. As for Pope Francis, yes, that's one of his biggest faults, this whole 'it's wrong to apply adjectives to people like those rigid believers do.' Consistency is not his strong suit.

  2. 2800 years ago ...

    "Dear @HighPriest: I'm Jewish and I support
    - Eating pork
    - Working on the Sabbath
    - Worshiping Baal
    - Moving my neighbor's landmark
    - Using the LORD's name in vain

    Next time I go to the Temple, I dare you to deny me my right to open the Ark of the Covenant and look inside."


      Desecrating the Eucharist is more serious than desecrating the Ark, and the effects are very real, if not so visible as in the movie.

    2. Ted Lieu offers to choose ... poorly.

      The Fountain of Immortality is not for those in a state of mortal sin.

    3. Now that is an excellent point. Remember, the ancient Israelites seldom abandoned God altogether. They merely adopted the various pagan practices around them when convenient, and added it to their devotion to God. We seem to think by keeping to some of the Church's teaching, there's flexibility about what else we keep. In fact, that almost seems an official position today.


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