Wednesday, June 30, 2021

New Prolife Catholics who hate homeschool

Homeschool is one of the great blasphemies against the ninety foot idol of the Leftist State.  Anything that leads to free thinking, dissent or failing to conform to leftwing non-conformity is anathema to the Left.  We won't even discuss things that point to God, Jesus Christ or holy living.  That's why I've seen dozens of news stories all in a panic over the number of moms who are still home with their kids since Covid instead of going back into their cubicles and office jobs while their kids get raised by our fine government regulated daycare centers.

Therefore it shouldn't be surprising that Catholics who have thrown their lots in with the Left would share the same loathing and contempt for those who wish to teach their own children against things like the sacred right to mass exterminate undesirables by the tens of millions in order to sustain a drugs and porn culture of endless sex and abstract gentiles during the AIDS pandemic:

Of course the good Dan Conway might be interested to know that nobody I've ever talked to uses that as their reason for homeschooling.  Reasons vary, though most are happy to point to the overwhelming statistical evidence that homeschooled children tend to outscore their public school counterparts in standardized testing and college admissions examinations.  But why quibble? 

Note, however, the standards they assume to be deal breakers: These homeschool kids aren't being taught to strive for success in the worldly sense, having neither the prestige of entering a high end ivy league university, nor climbing the upward ladder to economic success.  Because being venerated by the world and achieving high positions of wealth and prosperity are what being a Christian is all about - at least according to these two Catholics. 

For what it's worth, in our own home we've told our kids that going to a prestigious university or making tons of money aren't the most important things in life.  An honest living, even flipping burgers, is better than a dishonest one.  And wisdom, which is no longer imparted by most of our fine institutions of higher learning, is preferable to a degree based on values antithetical to the teachings of Christ.  After all, the few score years in which we travel this sod are, at the end of the day, a blip on the eternal radar. 

Of course this reminds me of all those liberal professors and students I knew in my college days in the 1980s.  How many of them decried the evils of Reaganomics, and the horrible decade of greed and avarice in which we found ourselves!  Yet I couldn't help but notice how many of them were fine with pining for the biggest homes, the finest cars, and the latest home entrainment centers and Jacuzzis (a big thing in the 80s).  

It also reminds me what I've been saying.  When the Left finally begins hunting down dissenters in full force, it will have plenty of card carrying Christians - including Catholics - joining the lynch mobs.  If they don't actually join the hunt, you can bet they'll be more than happy to support it, as Christians have often done over the years when Satan issues the latest clarion call to help go after those believers over there. 

At that time Jesus said, “I praise You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that You have hidden these things from the wise and intelligent, and have revealed them to infants.  Matthew 11.25


  1. Art Deco said...

    It's worse than you think. 'Dan Conway' is a doctor. His Twitter feed is godawful. I'm very suspicious of doctors generally. Not in 1,000 years would I get near this guy, because to him other people are caricatures of his own manufacture.

    1. Sometimes he is so over the top with partisan fanaticism I wonder if he's being deliberately over the top. But then I remember Mark Shea's recent 'the GOP must be destroyed, all good people must vote Democrat' post. So maybe not.

    2. Someone once said that bourgeois liberals are generally people animated by the idea that they're better than the places they grew up. The odor of that is overpowering with that guy.

  2. If you fancy Sean P. Daily has any actual data on the number of Christendom graduates selling Amway, I'm vending bridges.

  3. Note, about 3% of each cohort is being homeschooled nowadays. Cohorts entering baccalaureate granting institutions amount to about 1.9 million, so one might expect about 60,000 to enter from families where homeschooling was the order of the day. The dozen or so Catholic colleges which are serious in the educational mission I believe might have an annual freshman enrollment of 5,000 amongst them.

    The utility of tertiary schooling is mostly in vocational instruction that's hardly available in secondary schooling.

  4. While we're at it, Sean P Daily advertises himself as a 'freelance writer and editor', which sounds like code for 'my wife's wages pay the bills around here'. That's not my idea of 'upward mobility'.

    And, of course, from generation to generation, families will head upward and downward in the social strata of each age (though usually you land pretty much in the same place where your father was). Whole societies grow more productive and affluent (for good and sometimes ill), but the distribution of positional goods is pretty much fixed.

    1. I'm not as familiar with Sean. IIRC, he was a regular at CAEI back in the day in sort of Shea's Inner Circle. If that's the same Sean Dailey. If so, he was also somehow affiliated with a Chesterton society fan club and was a journalist. Again, if the same person. But if the same person, nowhere near what he is in the above Tweet. I'd like to think it was two different Sean Daileys.

    2. Catholic Exchange has this relict entry, appended to a column posted there in 2013:

      "Sean P. Dailey is the editor-in-chief of Gilbert: the magazine of the American Chesterton Society. Prior to that he was a reporter and religion page editor for the NewsTribune in La Salle, Illinois, and a police reporter and education reporter for The State Journal-Register in Springfield, Illinois. A a veteran of the US Marine Corps, Sean lives in Springfield with his family."

      This person also placed a couple of articles in Crisis over the years, the last in 2012. Same year as Shea's last article in Crisis.

      Gilbert! is now edited by Dale Ahlquist.

      The Twatter has a link to a column at Patheticos. The photographs accompanying the Twatter feed, the column at Patheticos, and the antique column at Catholic Exchange all look to be a man of similar physical type. I think it's the same guy.

      The last column at Patheticos was posted in January, blabbing about a 'coup attempt' (executed by rowdies in the Capitol). The hook is some guy holding a Confederate battled standard. Another column is an attack on Dale Ahlquist.

      There's a Sean P Dailey who grew up in Jacksonville, Illinois, the next county over from the state capital. There another fellow by this name who once lived in Urbana, Illinois (where the state university is) and LaSalle, Illinois. These Sean P. Daileys were all born in 1965. My wager would be they are all the same chap. Perhaps Navy ROTC at Champaign-Urbana.

      He writes, he's evidently a displaced salaryman in an imploding industry, and he's of moderately advanced age. A lot in common with Shea.

    3. As I said, don't know if he's the S Dailey or not. I recognize the name from back in the day. I know of Conway more because he and I sparred a few times back before I was banned by Mark Shea. I remember Dan accused me of bigotry when I suggested there could be a connection between AIDS and the Sexual Revolution. I thought a doctor denying the obvious was bothersome to say the least.

      But I mostly remember him because way back when Mark still ran a tight ship in terms of not allowing personal attacks or false accusations on his blog, Dan made a swipe against several conservative Catholics, including some Mark admired. I remember John C. Wright was one. Mark used to say he and John were part of the John C. Wright Mark Shea Mutual Admiration Society. When Dan did that, several of us asked Mark if he would, you know, defend his friends, or at least threaten to ban Dan for violating Mark's standards for his blog as he had before with others. I can't remember what Mark said, but it was something along the lines of saying not much of anything. Right then we knew Mark had turned a corner. Dan would emerge as one of the most vocal leftists on Mark's sites, and increasingly someone Mark would quote and reference. Which says much.

    4. As I said, don't know if he's the S Dailey or not.

      The youth in Jacksonville (Illinois), the man who lived in Urbana, the man who lived in LaSalle, the man listing himself as having been employed by newspapers in LaSalle and Springfield (Illinois), the lapsed editor of Gilbert!, the Patheos blogger, and Today's Tweeter are all the same guy or else there's a remarkable set of coincidences. The Social Security Death Index has in it only only 23 entries of men whose name was some variation of 'Sean Dailey' having shuffled off over the period running from 1935 to 2014. (Sean / Sean, Daly / Daley / Daily / Dailey). It's not a common name.

      Another curio: he's been tweeting up a storm. He hasn't posted to his blog in six months, nor has the associated Fakebook page been amended in that time. He's not admitting of any employers, either. He has no Linkedin profile.

  5. What interests me is how protean some people's viewpoint is. It's not something of which I have a visceral understanding. With some incremental adjustments on details, my worldview hasn't changed much since I was about 30. Even someone as emotions-driven and other-directed as Rod Dreher sounds a great deal like Rod Dreher ca. 2003.


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