Monday, June 7, 2021

Just saying

I refuse to celebrate Pride Month, or pride in general.  It is a sin.  Some argue the sin.  I reject the liberation theological premise that our values and ethics, indeed the Faith itself, should apply differently based on our status as oppressor or oppressed.  Hence, per an old seminary professor in my Protestant days, women should reject humility as a tool of male sexist domination, and instead embrace pride, which for oppressed women is a virtue.  Of course pride remains a sin for the domineering male.

But then I also reject Black Lives Matter sloganeering on general principle, and will never apologize for being called a racist for saying All Lives Matter.  Would that our Faith leaders would do so much as let the Faith inform the world, rather than continually retreating and acquiescing so that the world is what informs the Faith. 

At some point we must take a stand.  Don't count on our leaders.  They're obviously not going to.  Don't trust politicians either.  Corporations?  Nope.  Clearly they've run the numbers and see the advantage in the end of democracy, freedom and life.  It will need to be the individuals who risk it all, but will be an example for those who dig up out of the rubble we're about to create as our civilization is thrown to the ground; the one that brought these ideas of life, liberty and God in the first place.  


  1. It's remarkable to me how quickly people who condemn "Pride" for a group of oppressed people can turn around and endorse as their savior a thrice married, twice divorced, admitted (and boastful) serial adulterer who says he's never needed God's forgiveness for anything and is himself, a walking definition of vanity. And yet people wonder why the cultural war has been lost among people under 50. Go figure.

    1. You make the mistake of thinking people cannot repent of the past and cannot have a change of heart. Endorsed as savior? I have one savior and that is Jesus Christ.

      The killing of unborn children was first on my mind, then euthanasia, assisted suicide,transgender promotion, pushing for LGBT rights over and above everyone's rights, tax payer funded abortions, tax payer funded contraception, destruction of our 2nd amendment right to defend ourselves etc. This is the reason I endorse the "savior" as you called him. If God was willing to use this man to defend us against the atrocities I just listed above then who am I to judge?

      Pride is wrong. Pride is a sin. Pride puts us first over God. There is no pride succumbing and letting our lives be led by our gonads. There is no pride in being ignorant about sex and gender. There is no pride in getting and dying of HIV. There is no pride in being part of a group who has a higher rate of suicide than the average. No, not because of prejudicial violence against them. Sweden is the most welcoming nation in the world for gays yet their rates of suicide is still high. There is no pride in going against science and declaring dozens of genders when there are only two and psychiatrist have coined the term gender dystopia to describe this illness. There is no pride in banning people from seeking mental help in order to be relieved of same sex feelings. Lastly, if life in society is so terrible and so dangerous because of "homophobia" why in the world would homosexual couples even try to bring a child into the mix?? That is pure hatred of a child. There is no pride in that. No, there is no pride to be had in sin.

    2. *dysphoria. I appologize. Oh by the way, the other guy who got installed as president was unfaithful to his first wife. Advocates and expands the practice of abortion. Pushes for homosexual marriage, even officiating at one, wants us to pay for abortions...essentially all of the above perversions in the previous post the installed President advocates for. Oh....and he's Catholic. Go figure.

    3. John, a few things. First, the LGBTQ crowd, at least in America, is not oppressed. They get what they want and have the power players of our nation at their beck and call to punish anyone who doesn't agree with their beliefs and lifestyles. Second, as I said, I reject the idea that biblical values and ethnics should apply differently to different group identities. But then, I reject the modern, 21st Century obsession with worth by group identity in general. Finally, the LGBTQ movement is born of the Sexual Revolution, a moral development that has had a disastrous impact on the human race, with tens of millions dead, hundreds of millions of lives harmed and damaged, and untold social damage.

    4. "And yet people wonder why the cultural war has been lost among people under 50."

      ^Well then what's all these articles I keep reading about the rise of the alt-right? I keep getting told white supremacy is the greatest, growing threat in the nation.

      Nobody finds someone over 50 a threat. So it would have to be the young people going nazi. But you just implied that all young people are now leftist.

      Gee, I wish someone would straighten out the narrative so I could be a good NPC. /sarc

    5. Let's of people who condemn gay pride also dislike trump. They voted for him because they felt he was the lesser of two evils, not because they thought he was good

    6. And they voted for an abortion supporting Catholic this time because.....? I guess voting for the party of death trumped Trump any day.


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