Monday, June 3, 2019

The only strange thing about slavery in Western Civilization

Is that it was Western Civilization that decided to end slavery because it was intrinsically evil.  Around the world, from the dawn of civilization, virtually every culture and every civilization had slavery in some form or another.  In some cases, various forms of slavery were practiced.  That would continue well into the 20th century, where the last nation to outlaw slavery did so in the 1950s.

Today, slavery in a new form abounds, under the euphemism 'human trafficking.'  That it is mostly the groundwork for much of our modern commercial and tech industries (making all those goodies we crave that much cheaper), as well as the global sex industry (both prostitution and pornography), we tend not to sound the alarm bells too loudly.

Walter Williams breaks down why the modern Left's obsession with slavery doesn't seem to match the historical record of slavery, much less our reactions in face of the latest incarnation of the practice.  In fact, you might say that the modern Left's obsession with slavery makes you wonder just how much the Left actually dislikes slavery unless it can be used as a weapon with which to bludgeon the very civilization that alone in the world decided slavery was a grave evil.

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