Friday, June 28, 2019

Pop star Madonna exemplifies the modern Left

Madonna, who famously said she wouldn't expose her kids to the cultural bilge she has so conspicuously contributed to, has thrown her hat in the Gun Control ring.  The irony?  Madonna was one of the key 'sex it up kids!' icons of the MTV era, even as HIV/AIDS began raising its ugly head.  Now, decades and tens of millions dead later, she and her ilk show no sign of giving up on their libido focused art and entertainment.

I can't speak for her attitude about recreational drugs.  In 2017, over 70,000 Americans died of drugs, the vast majority being due to illegal use and manufacturing.  In addition to drugs, however, almost as many Americans die every year as a direct result of HIV/AIDS as are murdered by guns.  In fact, since AIDS inexplicably exploded on the worldwide stage in the 1970s, almost as many Americans have died of the virus than have been killed in all America's wars combined (and that's if you throw in the French and Indian War).

Truth be told, if you add up the deaths from illegal drugs and the deaths known to be uniquely attributed to AIDS each year, you're more than twice as likely to die as you are from all gun deaths combined.  If you didn't know this, it's likely because you get your information from the American press, which isn't in a hurry to point out the death toll of the Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll era.  We won't even get into the fact that the global sex industry is one of the prime contributors to our modern slave trade (euphemistically known as Human Trafficking).

But don't expect Madonna, who has made her millions telling kids to whip it out or ride it like a Harley, to focus on these things.  Like the Left in general, which dangles sex and debauchery like a carrot in order to sell a world of post-freedom tyranny, she prefers to focus her indignation on things that might stand in the way of such tyranny, rather than focus on what has laid waist to so many lives so senselessly.

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