Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Leftist racism suffers a setback

As a jury awards 11 million dollars in damages to a victim of the Left's racist witch hunts, in this case courtesy of Ohio's own Oberlin College. The story is here.  I remember it well.

We've seen this many times over the last dozen years or so.  Two black men come into a Starbucks and violate company policy by using the facilities without purchasing anything.  A manager does what she is supposed to do.  But she has the wrong skin color.  She is white.  Outrage ensues, the press swoops in, makes it a 24/7 puff headline, digs into the manager's past through any means possible, exposes all flaws or failings, destroys the life, Starbucks bows before the Leftist State, apologizes for the wrong skin colored manager treating the wrong skin colors the wrong way.

And months later we find out that it was Starbucks policy at the time after all, and the manager was in the right.

It's happened dozens of times.  Even to the point that ethnic minorities (that is, not white) increasingly become more belligerent, knowing they can do almost anything short of murder (at least for now), and the Social Media lynch mobs, aided and abetted by the Press, will certainly make them into the victims if who they are against is the wrong skin color (that is, white).

I saw this in the jobs I worked before having to come home and tend to my Mom.  The last job I was a manger on a team with about 120 employees (all who made the same salary regardless of gender, BTW, except for a half dozen who made more due to experience - all of whom save one were women,  but that's for another story).

When it came to discipline, the company was clear - don't.  If you must discipline an employee, then you have to jump through a thousand hoops, file a million papers, and had best have several witnesses.  And without saying it, but making it nonetheless clear, we were sure that this applied double if the employee was a minority and we, the managers, were white.

One day, a fellow manager (himself African American), was standing by the windows looking down on the parking lot.  I went up to him and asked what he was looking at.  He pointed to one of the employees on his team, a young African American man probably in his mid 20s.  The young man was walking toward his car.  I asked what was wrong.  The manager said that the young fellow was going home.  I asked why.  He said he didn't know.  The young man just sent him an email saying, "Three O'Clock, time to go!', and left.  And the manager said he knew it would do no good to call him out.  The company made it clear that anything short of murder, and it doesn't want to risk the inevitable lawsuit.

But in the case of Oberlin, justice prevailed, and racism took a step backwards.  A group of young black men entered a bakery, and one attempted to shoplift.  When the owner's white son intervened, the black men who were actually committing the crime screamed 'RACIST!'   How did we know it was racism?  Easy, the racist notion that you can always tell a racist by the color of his skin.  Students and others involved with Oberlin College immediately responded, like a jackass responding to a whip.  Demonstrations were staged, protests occurred, the college fully supported the protests as various individuals from the college lobbed endless accusations of Nazi/Racist against the bakery.  Business was hurt, the usual trauma one can imagine occurred.  Except, in this case, goodness and truth and justice and equality prevailed.

This is as racist as Dred Scott America.  The idea that you can always tell racists by their white skin, that all whites are ipso facto racist and bear the blood guilt of all past whites who were nothing but racists, unless they were also homophobes, transphobes, misogynists, and all around bigots, is straight out of the Mein Kampf playbook.  They might as well declare Joseph Goebbels their patron saint, for there is little between them and him but the ethnic targets in question.

As I've said, the good news is that most sane human beings are not part of this madness, evil, bigotry and discrimination (see the manager I referenced above for an example).  The bad news is that our institutions of education and higher learning are hotbeds of it, and are training new generations overnight to embrace a new form of bigotry that mirrors old forms that took centuries to develop.  So up and coming youngsters in these oppressed groups are learning to hate, to judge, to condemn, even to attack when need be, since they're sure their miseries and sorrows are all the result of the grand White Privilege conspiracy to keep the minority down.  This is what the forces of goodness and rightness must combat.


  1. Well said. Other thoughts on Oberlin I thought were worth reading.

    What's funny are the liberals that think this new standard will never get them labeled racist.

    1. The stunning part of it is the speed with which this incarnation of racism has emerged. In all fairness - if that's the right word - to those racist of yore, they were simply accepting forms of bigotry that were centuries, if not millennia, in the making. This is literally a few generations old, and many embracing it would have rejected the idea of judging based on skin color as a core principle. So who is the worst racist? The American in the 30s accepting what had been said for centuries, or the modern racist embracing a new form of racism that has emerged almost overnight?


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