Friday, June 7, 2019

San Mateo County goes Soviet on Chick fil A

Chick fil A is fast becoming ground zero for the fight against tyranny in our time.  In the name of post-heterosexual sex, another local government has set its sights on banning and segregating the popular chicken sandwich chain.  True, there is only one individual behind it, but he's a biggie in that particular office, and I'm not seeing anything suggesting that any of his coworkers are fighting back.

This will continue.  The Left wants it gone, all of it: Christianity, Christ, the Christian God, the Christian Faith, the Christian West, the American Experiment, the Bill of Rights - all of it, gone.  As long as those who would resist bicker among themselves, or cower in the corners and hope it goes away, the Left will win victory after victory.

Don't get me wrong, I believe there is always hope, but there is also always shadow; that long defeat Tolkien wrote of.  In our time, the great Evil is that heresy wrapped in blasphemy promising debauchery and delivering tyranny and slaughter that we somewhat limply call 'The Left.'  If a better name could be found, I'd use it.  But for now, recognizing the threat is enough.  If, that is, we do something about it.

Oh, and lest you think compromise and acquiescence is the key, since not everyone on the Left says they want such tyranny, just remember one important thing.  When the first politicians spoke of banning Chick fil A several years ago, there was almost universal backlash, including from the LGBTQ community.  Now it's that same LGBTQ community calling for the banning and censoring to happen.  Remember, history is just studying carnage and missed signs sitting in that sad valley below all those slippery slopes.

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