Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Joe Biden finds out this is no country for old (white) men

So Biden just can't get out of the starting gate without putting his foot in his mouth.  He is not flubbing up as he always has in the past, saying stupid things and bumbling along with ignorance and foolishness close behind.  No.  He is failing to reckon with the fact that, Trump notwithstanding, America is about 30% Soviet already, and every day we're learning more and more of just what and who belongs in that vile category of the West's bourgeoisie in need of total elimination from the world.

Racism is, of course, the unforgivable sin, and the Left's favorite wedge issue to divide and conquer.  If there is a Jesus, He sure never came to forgive that sin (I'm stunned at the speed with which so many Christian leaders in America appear to accept this, if at least implicitly).  It is the all-defining sin, along with sex crimes and sex abuse.  Even the slightest molecule of it, or simply guilt by association, and you are branded irremediably deplorable, and your life in every practical sense is forfeit.

Biden, of course, doesn't get this.  He's out trying to be Mr. Nice Compromise (he was, of course, part of the Kennedy era Leftist attack dogs who led many a charge against the GOP on the grounds that the GOP and a Jim Crow world were one and the same).  He's trying to show his 'I can work with anyone' credentials to set him in contrast to Trump.

The problem?  The New Democrats American Bolsheviks have no desire to work with anyone who is guilty of their growing list of irremediable, all defining sins.  Most Democrats are falling over themselves to endorse the idea that I should pay for slavery despite having no other connection to past slave owners than my skin color (a form of blood guilt if you think of it).  Does Biden really think they want to hear he respectfully disagreed with senators who were segregationists?  To the Left, those politicians might as well have been death camp guards.  And hearing Biden's attempts at Mr. Nice Guy, he might as well have said he politely agrees to disagree over the Holocaust.

It's going to be tough for Biden, establishment liberalism's main hope against Trump.  The press isn't sure.  It's already in full campaign mode against Trump.  If we thought the media in 2016 threw away all pretense of objectivity, I have a feeling we ain't seen nothing yet.  To that end, it wants to win, and will take Biden if that's the safest route. It would be willing, however, to throw itself behind the Marxists and radicals if it thinks they can win.  Likewise, the emergent radical Left would be happy to throw Biden on the trash heap of history, wipe their hands, and say good riddance to a man who committed the worst sins of all in being white, male, Christian and unwilling to call for the eradication and marginalization of all three.

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