Thursday, June 13, 2019

Memphis mayhem and Black Lives Madness

Riots and destruction and assaults continue apace in Memphis.

Note now that we're not dealing with cases where an unarmed and non-belligerent citizen has been killed as a result of violations of police procedure.  We're dealing with cases where the ones shot have openly assaulted the police, have resisted arrest, have tried to harm the police, have even brandished weapons and attempted to attack the police.  In some cases those same individuals have committed violent crimes and assaulted innocent citizens or establishments.

Yet what happens?  If the one shot is black, no matter what the police ethnicity, mobs descend on the scene, sometimes bringing violence and destruction to police and innocent bystanders as they do so.

This is not - repeat, Not! - lawful, decent, moral, or Christian.  The idea that 'those people types are default scum, attack!' is as antithetical to anything close to the common good as I can imagine.  In fact, it's merely going back to a Jim Crow mentality, where laws and justice and fairness apply merely based on ethnic identity or some other demographic label, and seeking truth and evidence is no longer needed before executing the accused.

It's as if America is in full reverse, going backward at breakneck speed, with those pushing the peddle to the floor making sure it's new group identities that get it in the neck.  And in response, Christian leaders are at best silent, at worst complicit in another round of human tragedy in the making.

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