Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy Birthday Number 15!

Yes, I know.  Gay marriage continues to be the club with which the New Way bludgeons the old religions of the past.  The ACLU is talking about ending this religious freedom rubbish - which is refreshing.  At least it's being honest. We're making friends with Communist Cuba.  Russia continues to intimidate.  Pope Francis has declared a global government to be the hope against the evils of Corporations.  There's just so much to talk about!

Well, I've been busy with the important things.  Those things we never read about in history books, but we have some vague idea that they happened.  Contrary to popular belief, the Middle Ages weren't dominated by Inquisitors wandering up and down and torturing people every day in every village.  Nor were American settlers spending every waking hour trying to imagine ways to beat slaves or slaughter Indians or burn witches at the stake.  Just like today, we aren't all about gunning down people in churches, or blowing up buildings in Iraq, or executing innocent prisoners in gas chambers.

For most of us, life goes on.  As it did in Colonial America, in the Middle Ages, in Ancient Greece, or anywhere.  And so in keeping with the ages old tradition of actually living life rather than imagining that human existence is only about what the latest scholars decide should be on the next chapter heading, we decided to set aside an entire weekend to celebrate our Fifteen Year Old's birthday.

Last year, things happened, crazy and wacky and worrisome, and we never quite got around to really celebrating his number fourteen.  Even though he insists it was still a good birthday, we know better.  So this year, he merely asked for a couple Lego sets, a Nintendo game, and a tropical feast.  So we went to work.  And in a burst of blessed fortune, we had one sunny day between a dozen rainy, cloudy days.  And here is the result.

A football player who wanted flowers on his cake.  I love it. 

Happy Birthday number 15!

In keeping with the tropical theme, we made (alcohol free) margaritas 

The brothers get in on the margarita act

Our youngest struggles with the drink's umbrella while his older brother looks on

He's reading "Le Morte d'Arthur", but I'm not sure he's getting it all 

Our birthday boy with friend 

Hand made sign says it all 
It was tiki time, and that night, we did fondue with tiki light and torch light around the deck
(followed by some awesome stargazing at a gorgeous nighttime sky)

The beginning of his creation; so much more to do

The obligatory shot of the world's most tolerant wife wearing a Hawaiian shirt and lei (we all did, at our son's request)
We love you kid.  The doctor says he thinks you're better, and we hope so.  You're that little burst of sunshine that has always brought more to us than we ever could to you.  Happy Birthday!  May God bless this day and a million more.

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  1. Probably the wisest words George Martin ever wrote:

    “The common people pray for rain, healthy children and a summer that never ends. It is no matter to them if the high lords play their game of thrones, so long as they are left in peace.”

    Happy birthday, kid!


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