Saturday, July 25, 2015

How dumb can America get?

The Left's newest hero 
Pretty darn dumb.  The media, once the point guard for freedom of expression, now leads the way in exterminating art and literature that fails to conform to Leftist dogmas.
imposing thought control and censorship, of eradicating wrong-think and demanding conformity to indisputable doctrines.

Growing up, we all remember when liberals were all about free your mind.  Freedom of expression.  Saint George Carlin.  If we say horrific things about America, Jesus, God, religion, whatever, and you're offended?  Why you're the problem.  And if you spend your time playing records backward to find hidden messages?  Then you're some wicked mixture of Archie Bunker stupidity and McCarthy styled censorship.

Now who is spinning those records to find hidden messages?  Who is demanding that offensive art be removed, that offensive words be punished?  Growing up in the 70s, we were told that such things belonged to the totalitarian states of the 20th Century.  That's what the Nazis did.  That's what the Communists did.  They banned the books, tore down statues, changed city names, erased offensive and challenging words from documents.  And they always justified their evil by wrapping it up in self righteous causes.  Not so for liberalism's promise to America.  I remember in second grade, a young substitute teacher telling us that very thing.  No doubt a child of the liberal promise of the early 70s.

And the greatest allies for this promise were the media, the entertainment industry, the educational system.  All of which, now, are the leading advocates for the very control of expression and eradication of wrong thought that they once so proudly resisted.  What allies for freedom are left we wonder?

Assignment class:  Read Animal Farm.  Reread Animal farm.  Report.

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