Saturday, July 4, 2015

Supporters of gay marriage should thank Catholics everywhere

Among Christian traditions, few are reliably more supportive of the new paganism of the left than Catholics.  Especially in America.  But based on stats from Europe and S. America, the new paganism's evangelists are having their way beyond our shores.  
Remember, this is supportive of Gay Marriage (TM).  Not just gay rights.  Gay normality.  Post-Christian sexual ethics and morality.  This is the seal and signature of post-Christian morality.  For every person who supports actual gay marriage, there are ten at least who indulge in the rest of non-Christian morality.  And look at those numbers.  Given Pope Francis's fire and brimstone aimed at those who hold to more traditional and conservative Western values, one would imagine Catholics around the world were overwhelmingly there, and only a small minority of progressives held sway.  But the numbers suggest otherwise.

They suggest that Pope Francis may need to reconsider his priorities and where the bulk of his passions are aimed.  And it might suggest that advocates of gay marriage and the paganism which is sweeping the dying West need to pause and thank our Catholic brothers and sisters here in the States.  They never could have made it without them. 


  1. The headlines these days should read:

    "Gay Marriage - 2 Out of 3 Ain't Bad."

    1. Civil marriage = (secular, any sexual orientation, paper marriage and divorce)
    2. Spiritual marriage = (religious, any sexual orientation, paper marriage and divorce)
    3. Physical marriage = (heterosexual only, natural children, no paper and inseparable)

    So much for equality. 3 out of 3 is much better.

  2. Maybe it'st he hustle and bustle, but I've read your comment and not sure exactly where you're going with it. Don't want to comment in the wrong direction. But thanks nonetheless.


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