Saturday, July 18, 2015

Why we are not honest about Islamic Terrorism

Because the truth is irrelevant.  So my sons noticed that when a white person is in any way involved in the death of anyone who isn't white, the motive is immediately race.  Period.  It takes a mountain of evidence to turn around the verdict that race was involved, and then it may still continue to be the verdict even after evidence has been shown otherwise.

And yet, try to pin terrorism on Islam, or Islamic anything, and watch the modern media industry and the powers that be, up to and including our political leaders, call it like it ain't.  'Why is that?' my boys wonder.  It should be obvious to thinking people willing to be honest.  But if it isn't, perhaps this little skit, that Rush Limbaugh played on his show, will demonstrate how far we've come.  It was supposed to be over the top.  And yet by today's propaganda thought control, it's almost tame and believable by comparison:


  1. Z-man has a good post on this too. One really has to wonder why liberals seem more concerned about islamic backlash (which is always a theory) than actual islamic terrorism which has happened a non-zero amount of times.

  2. If I may be permitted to play proverbial "devil's advocate":

    Wouldn't recent happenings in the Central African Republic render that Z-man post "slightly"-dated? Apparently, an actual *bona fide* anti-Muslim "backlash" seems to have happened (or still happening?) over there...

  3. The bias for denying Islamic involvement tends to be in the West. It isn't necessarily a universal tendency. I've met several from different parts of the world - Nigeria, the Middle East, Indonesian - and they all agree that those who don't fear Islam, don't live in the shadow of Islam. So in some places, there could be a backlash, or at least more honesty.


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