Monday, July 6, 2015

On the other hand, well done Evangelicals

While I couldn't help but notice modern European secularized liberal socialism would never have made it so far without the help of the Catholic Church, I must tip my hat to those always maligned Evangelicals.  They're that vague group who you are more or less allowed to hate, spit upon, deride, insult and even suggest a second class status for.  And yet they are strong in withstanding the juggernaut.  Yes, they have their issues.  Too much attention on sins below the waistline, and not enough to those that impact bank accounts and country bombing.  But those can sometimes be arguments of distinctions.  When is war just if ever?  What is the best way to reduce poverty?

Not so with gay sex, sexual immorality, abortion, and euthanasia.  And the Evangelicals seem to get that this is not something with which we can compromise.  This is not something we can politely agree to disagree with those who hold the other views.  These views and attitudes are the results of something bigger that seeks to usurp the Christian Faith as the foundation of a dying civilization, and corrupt its adherents as much as possible.  That's why you have gay couples going to Christian bakers and photographers, as opposed to their Orthodox Jewish or Muslim counterparts.

No, Evangelicals are far from perfect.  But look at the track record of Catholics.  And that's not just from the bottom up, but from the top down.  So well done.  Credit where it is due.  And prepare to withstand the slings and arrows of opposition from the Left, as well as from not a few Catholics who would gladly grab the arrows from Satan and help him aim, if they thought they would find their marks in the back of an Evangelical.

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