Thursday, June 25, 2015

It's a good thing Dylann Roof wasn't holding a Cross in those pictures

I know, knee jerk in an age of censorship.  Our immediate first response today is ban and censor.  I get it, too.  I think there is a legitimate debate about actually having the flag of the losing side of a war flying in government locations.  After all, there weren't too many Union Jacks flying in the states following the Revolution.  Plus, I get the problem descendants of slaves dragged here from Africa would have with seeing that flying over their state houses  (see Obama post below regarding who owns what government buildings).

Nonetheless, today a rush to ban and censor is becoming the preferred goto solution for almost anything.  There just isn't anything I think that enlightened and educated Americans wouldn't rush to ban and censor today. And if the Confederate Flag today, what's not to say something else tomorrow.  Not that the cross would ever be spoken of in that manner.  Nonetheless, I'm getting a little nervous about the growing acceptance our brilliant generation has toward silencing dissenting views and legally eradicating the ability to not bow down to the Left.  Especially under the auspices of 'I'm sure they'll only ban real hatred, not anything I happen to believe!'

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."  The Golden Rule, no longer allowed to be taught in our schools.

"Do unto others, as long as you don't do unto me."  The post-modern Rule, widely taught and accepted by humanity's smartest generation.

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