Thursday, June 25, 2015

Catholics and liberalism

Are increasingly one and the same.  True, unlike our Protestant brethren who simply throw the Gospel and the Faith out the window to embrace the hedonism and paganism of the non-Christian world, the Church will never throw certain things out the window.  Christ will have to really live.  Christ has to rise from the dead.  After all, where would the Real Presence be without that?  Likewise, the Church will never allow gay marriage.   It might end up supporting gay civil relationships, or just wash its hands of it, but it won't be able to just say 'I now pronounce you Man and Sam.'

That's because the Church has the Sacraments, and as a result can't so easily just throw the Faith out the window.   It must compromise, slice, dice, shave and twist.  But there are some things it just can't accept.

Still, what will happen, and what one sees increasingly in Pope Francis and his priorities and passions, suggests it will accommodate all it can, and increasingly agree to disagree over where it cannot change.  So at the zealously liberal Catholic website Catholic and Enjoying It, Conservative Catholic Mark Shea gushes over his love and admiration for Stephen Colbert.  What happens next is a sad display of liberal Catholics embracing varying levels of calumny, denial and flat out lunacy in order to suggest that Colbert is a faithful son of the Church in every way.  If he isn't it doesn't matter.  And even if he supports abortion and the sex culture, so what?  He trashes conservatives, and that's enough.

If it weren't for Pope Francis, I'd be more shocked.  But if you want to be an obedient Catholic, and you see liberalism and want to embrace it, you could do worse than living now.  Since it appears embracing liberalism and hating conservatism, as one of the commenters notes, covers a multitude of sins.

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