Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Fathers Day to me

With the best presents I ever received, or ever will receive.  Thanks to God that he gave me a wonderful wife and four pretty darn awesome boys.  Our fourteen year old continues to struggle with some health issues he's had, but he seems to be coming out of it.  The others are chugging along quite nicely.  They are good together (usually), and make me proud.  Of all that God has given me, I count them with the most humility and honor that I was seen fit to be their dad.  To all fathers who feel the same, may God bless you on this day set aside to celebrate, well, you.  Just don't forget that Father of fathers in the process of a good cookout.


  1. Dang, Dave, it looks even clearer in that picture that you're losing weight. Is it via discipline or stress?

    You've got some good boys there, Dave (evidenced by the genuine look of appreciation they have for you in their eyes). Hope yours make it through their health issues.

    Oh, and happy dad's day.

  2. Thanks. We're praying he'll get back to normal. He's doing better. As for me, that would be diet. Physical last year said sugar, and just about everything else, had spiked. So figured I better get busy. I used to lose weight after every baby (during the pregnancies of which I would gain due to nervous eating), but this last one was just a little tougher. The possibility of diabetes lit a fire under me.


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