Sunday, June 14, 2015

Humbled and honored by The American Catholic

Thanks to the efforts of Nate Winchester, it looks like my blog has been mentioned on The American Catholic.  Wow.  Talk about letting a chihuahua run with the great danes.  So I'm a little taken by my goofy little blog home being mentioned by Donald McClarey.  The American Catholic continues with the thankless task of reminding us that not everything to do with American religious conservatism is as stupid and bigoted and evil as Comedy Central and Huffington Post say. Heck, you can actually be Catholic and value traditional ideals and experiences, even if they sometimes coincide with traditional American ideals and experiences!  Radical.  For some places in the Catholic blogosphere, saying that is as tolerable as opening a Kosher deli in 1940s Berchtesgaden.

I still should be honest and admit that I am having issues with certain aspects of Catholic thought and life and the ways in which the Church is edging ever closer to the post-Christian, secular Left model of reality.  There were always some issues, as there will be whenever someone enters a new tradition.  There were when I became Christian in the first place.  The problem has been that I've not reconciled these issues ten years later, especially in light of where the Church has clearly been moving in recent years.

Sure, the treatment we've received, the slammed doors, the cultural issues have made it difficult. But be that as it may, I'm still at a point of struggles.  And as people who know me can attest, I won't just stand around, shrug my shoulders, and accept things.  Not where eternal questions are concerned. The good news is that there is more in the historic Christian Faith that I value, so I will never simply leave.  But how things end up working out in my Faith walk remains to be seen.  Just thought I would put that out.

On a more personal note, yuck!  I can't stand that video.  Marcus didn't give me any prep time or a pre-show interview as usually happened with the guests.  I was more or less dropped on the stage and told do my best with no clue what to expect.  If I don't ever watch that again, my life's fortunes could only improve.

But thanks to Nate and to Don for lowering the quality quotient of The American Catholic by including my little voice in the chorus.

Personal Note: Start proof reading my posts!   :)


  1. As a revert back to the faith remember, you don't leave the flesh and blood of Jesus because of the worldliness and materialism of judas.

    The social justice movement has Judas Iscariot as its patron saint- Fulton sheen

  2. Oh, I'm not leaving the blood and flesh of Christ, but I'm trying to find where I can partake it in joy because of the congregational surroundings, not despite them.


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