Saturday, September 27, 2014

The last story about Catholics and gays, part deux

And just as I look down the list, I see this story.  A pregnant gay teacher is fired from a Catholic school.  Well duh.  First, by virtue of being openly gay.  Second, we have to assume by getting her child the old fashioned way by manufacturing it with the latest hip science. The story doesn't say, but is there any other way?  Unless they just brought in a man for the job, which cuts across another Church teaching.  And third, as the teacher herself points out because she's pregnant and not married.  Basically everything the Church teaches about sexuality thrown out the window.

Not a few paragraphs down the story.  Pope Francis is the great liberal hope.  There's much in the Catholic Apologetics sub-culture focusing on those deplorable traditionalists and their Francis hate.  And yes, some of the things said about Francis are over the line.  For that matter, some things said about people who criticize Francis are over the line, too.

But if Francis doesn't turn out to be the Great Liberal Hope, then it looks as though there will be more than just Traditionalists with egg on their faces.  In fact, it looks like a goodly amount of the planet will be mighty disappointing.  On that, I suppose, we're just going to have to wait and see.

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