Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Harvest Moon

What a concept.  Last night was the Harvest Moon.  And what a bright one it was.  The Harvest Moon is, of course, the name given to the full moon in September.  Back in the olden days, like when MTV still played videos, people were more in tune to the natural ebbs and flows of the seasons.  So much so, they even went so far as giving awesome names to different full moons depending on the month. Because of the timing and the farming and the harvests, this is naturally the Harvest Moon.  This is a good reminder that the season of seasons is just around the corner.  We went out, watched some eerie cloud cover pass over the moon, creating the effect of actual moonbursts.  That's like sunbursts through the clouds, but with moonlight instead.  Cool stuff.

Then we went in and watched a classic Hammer Horror film, Dracula: Prince of Darkness.  Too early for the round of Universal Monster movies.  And we might even have a few new movies come around the corner.  We had cider, but it wasn't the best.  Sort of stale tasting.  And for reasons we can't figure, the grocery store didn't have anything fall-like except tacky Halloween decorations.  Big Lots had Christmas out (a little late this year).  Nonetheless, a good season planned.  And it started well with a nighttime look at the man on the moon in all his glory.

Not sunlight, but moonlight, Harvest Moon style.

He's that happy to be out looking at the moon.

Actually they all appear to be having a good time with a relatively simple activity.

Down but not out; sickness knocked him out of football, but he's ready to push on.

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