Saturday, September 27, 2014

Save us from Global Warming!

So the marchers said.  And Catholics proudly joined forces, calling for an end to this imminent threat to humankind.  All of this, of course, while evidence is mounting that not only were all the doom and gloom predictions wrong, but that scientists are aware that they were wrong.

That's right.  Wrong.  Of course the predictions were wrong.  One of the predictions - if you remember - was that the Ice Caps would be melted away by - wait for it: 2013.  That's last year.  Not only are they not melted away, ice on the other side of the world could be doing the opposite.

All of this is to say that yes, climate change happens.  Always has, always will.  And I'm sure our reliance on artificially manufactured synthetics and pollutants is altogether good for us or the environment.  But like all things in our politics-as-the-new-religion age, this was seized by activists and ideologues with ulterior motives and is now a jumbled mess.  And an embarrassing one at that.

Again, I'm not saying we couldn't make changes.  I'm saying that there comes a time when the manufacturers of hysteria have to be seen as the buffoons they are.  Or at least we have to see how they see us as the buffoons we are. How many times does a person have to cry wolf before smart people say 'wait a minute'?

After all, if the whole point is that warming is going to kill us so we must end the Industrial West as we know it, actually realizing that we have yet to see the predictions come true might be the first step toward calming ourselves and demanding a more reasoned, rational discussion.

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