Saturday, September 20, 2014

I hate being right

Especially when I get the feeling the problem is more widespread than we admit.  After our society jettisoned its religious moorings and mocked the idea of common values, we are replacing these with the religion of the day, which is basically centered around us and our hand picked demographics being awesome and everyone else being stupid and evil because they don't admit how awesomely right we are.

The result of this being a media that manipulates these tendencies to help end the Christian West and rebuild a tyranny of, not relativity, but Leftist dogma.  But as the media is so flagrantly a propaganda ministry, I fear we - with our access to the internet and our college degrees - are becoming the same.  We see the world, people, events only insofar as they advance the agenda, and not because they should appeal to some basic sense of decency or values we all share.

Hence the number of people who say terrorism is no big deal, since fewer people die in car crashes and so forth.  That is nothing other than saying nothing matters but that I can be awesome on the internet for being always right.   Or more recently, the sudden burst of concern over that horrible massacre in Florida in which 8 were killed, including six children.  It is horrible.  And it should be something we think about and pray for.  And yet as I said, where were the blogs and editorials a week ago when five were killed, not with guns?

One does not touch pitch without becoming defiled.  An old saying.  And true.  We seek to transform culture, but unless we're careful, culture eventually transforms us.  So here prayers for those so tragically killed, those eight in Florida, and those Five a week ago, and all who may or may not serve a much less important purpose.  For despite what the media thinks, the agenda was made for man, not man for the agenda.

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